Tuesday, February 16, 2010

photo shoot

Hello all! What a great opportunity we have going on now. The week of March 6 I have a photographer friend that will be in Nashville for the week. She has agreed to take pictures and give HALF of her money she earns to the Research Grant! Photography sessions will last roughly one hour and she will then photoshop your pictures and put them on a CD for you to have and keep. You can then take your CD to anywhere you want and get as many photos as you would like printed off at your own expense. (FYI, wal-mart 4x6 pics are like .07). If you are interested, please leave a comment and we'll get you the information. Photo sessions will be $150. What a deal because remember you can get all your photos printed off whenever and wherever you want! Check out her awesome photos at www.appleseedphoto.blogspot.com Let me know if you are interested.